Types Of Cat Food

The things that a cat needs is very different to another pet, animals are completely different in this respect. Raw foods are ok, lean meats and fish are something that is good for all of us. But some things tend to disagree with the stomach of a cat in a way which would be very different to a human being. That’s why choosing traditional “cat food” is the best way forward. All of the nutritional information is on the packet along with a list of ingredients and advice on portion sizes.

When it comes to cat food, there are three main types. These are:

– Wet Cat Food
– Dry Cat Food
– Semi-Moist Cat Food

The wet foods will have more of a liquid content and are generally made with a high temperature in order to sterilize the food itself. This cat food can then be sealed under pressure and packaged in anything from cans to plastic pouches. A lot of the more popular brands seen on TV are sealed in foil trays with a picture on the front. These are easy to use and many of the recipes are appealing to your cats taste-buds.

Dry foods are different in that they have a much lower liquid content and usually come in the form of what we know to be a type of kibble. As they are dry they don’t need to be sealed into an air-tight container so can be packed in bags which are sealed off with air inside. It’s not uncommon for any dry cat food to contain meat. Water can be added to these to enhance the flavour for your pet.

As you can imagine, semi-moist food are somewhere in the middle of the two listed above. More often than not, semi-moist foods come in the form of soft pellets which have a chewy texture and they are stored in sachets. Semi moist foods are also good option for manufacturers to make cat snacks and treats as they last longer than moist food but have more taste than dry food.

As a cat owner it is totally up to you to decide what to feed your pet. Cost always comes into play of course; dry food is usually cheaper and bought in bulk packaging. However, always remember to keep your feline friend hydrated when feeding them dry food as the moisture content is a lot lower and they will otherwise run the risk of dehydration.

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