Benefits Of Cats As Pets

There are so many choices of pets to have in the house but cats are an extremely popular choice. It could be as a family pet or for a single person to love. It is said that dogs are man’s best friend but can cats bring anything to table? They are very beautiful, sophisticated creatures and they understand how a simple purr can get them attention from even a passerby. Cats have been domesticated for millions of years but what are the benefits?

1. They lower stress

Have you ever stroked a cat and thought you suddenly felt calm? There is a scientific reason behind that as cats send out a positive calming effect which can help relax you. Cats are also a lot less maintenance than dogs and can more or less look after themselves. This also helps with reducing stress for the owner. It is even said that cat owners are less likely to die from a heart attack given the more positive relaxing time they have.

2. Companionship

Cats are extremely good companions and can even be more so than dogs. They are emotionally intelligent and remember when someone has treated them right. They like attention and initiating contact so if you have a need to love and give attention a cat is the perfect pet. Children thrive off having a pet and cats can offer an opportunity for them to bond with a living thing. Cats are the perfect pet that brings joy to even the oldest human and as they don’t need to be walked, they just need love, food and affection.

3. Improves sleep

Cats love affection so when it’s time for sleep they are the perfect partner. Studies have shown that the gentle purr of a cat whilst sleeping can help a human drift off into a peaceful sleep. Cats also like to rise early which makes the owner rise early and get a great start to the day.

4. Reduces allergies

Even though there are a lot of people with allergies to cats it has been proven that early exposure to them can be a good thing. Not only will young children who are exposed to cats from birth be able to have a natural defence against cats, they will also have a natural defence against other allergies such as dust and grass.

5. Improved love life
Having a pet says a lot about you and can show the person who you would like to date that you are able to look after another living thing. It is said that when someone is looking for a potential partner, having a pet can show how you treat and love living things.

There are lots of different benefits to owning a pet and cats can bring such joy into human life. Like anything they do need looking after but with cats it is with minimal effect. Cats can provide their owners with all the love and companion ship they are missing in their lives or even add to it to make it stronger.

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